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Best Essay Writing Tips in Video

Do you want to get better at writing essays? Are you looking to finally get that A in your class paper? There are a lot of online resources that can help you improve your essay writing skills. To make it easier for you, we compiled a list of the best essay writing video resources.

1. CrashCourse

First on this list is CrashCourse. This channel is dedicated to providing accessible knowledge on various topics and from a wide range of disciplines. In this video, the topic is on writing better school essays. Similar to most of their other content, it has a lot of humor incorporated in the video without sacrificing the quality of information. Watch this if you want to learn how to write better essays in an informative but also entertaining manner.

2. Study With Jess

Study With Jess is a channel owned by Jess, the author of the best-selling self-improvement book “The High School Survival Guide”. In this video, Jess gives useful tips on how to write an excellent essay despite the stress accompanying the writing process. She provides five important tips and explains each of them thoroughly. 

3. YesReneau

YesReneau gives a ton of useful tips on how to write better essays in this fun and informative video. She goes into detail on writing better through the proper usage of words and having an organized formulaic structure. She puts emphasis on having a smooth flow and transitioning and tells you how to get better at them.

4. Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett is a book enthusiast and an experienced writer. In this video, she talks about what to do and not do when writing an essay. Aside from tips to improve your essay, she also talks about habits to possibly improve yourself as a writer. She gives tips that are easy to follow but also very helpful for improving your writing skills.

5. The English Coach

The English Coach is a channel by Stefanie dedicated to helping non-native English-speaking people improve their English. She gives four simple tips in this video but she breaks them down into details. This video is focused more on how to improve your overall writing skills by developing helpful habits when writing an essay.

6. Learn English with Emma [engVid]

If you want to improve your English, Learn English with Emma is a great starting resource. Emma is a TESOL-certified English teaching professional and her video on improving essay writing skills is very useful, especially for university-level students. This video provides five simple and easy tips to write better academic and formal essays.

7. Anglo-Link

Anglo-Link is a great resource for non-native English speakers. This channel regularly adds new English video lessons that are accessible by everyone. In this video, they give both general essay writing tips and specific tips for writing exams. They listed down eight tips and eight steps on writing a better essay and when writing essays in English writing exams.

8. Jem

Jem is a channel filled with very short videos on a variety of topics. In this video, Jem gives nine handy tips on how to improve the quality of your essays. It’s a very short video but it’s filled with lots of relevant information for those looking to improve their writing.

9. Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a well-known creator of educational content. He gives useful guidelines and strategies in this video aimed at improving your writing under time constraints. This video is mainly focused on exam essay questions, but the tips given here are also useful for improving your essay writing skills in general.

10. tbhstudying

This video by tbhstudying provides common tips and guides on how to write better essays. It gives a detailed step by step guide from starting your research to making final revisions in your draft. This helpful video on essay writing is simple yet informative.

11. Zontulfilmsltd

An old but still useful resource is this video by zontusfilmsltd. This channel makes videos that teach on topics of Philosophy, Theology, and English. In this video, the owner gives pointers on how to write a good essay. The presentation style is also a bit unique because it imitates a classroom setup where there’s a teacher and you are listening as a student in the class. This video may be old (in internet terms) but the information provided here remains as relevant as ever.

12. Tea with Marina

Another helpful resource for improving the quality of your essays is this video by Tea with Marina. This isn’t about general tips on essay writing but is focused on word choice. Here she provides five words that you can use to significantly improve your essay and make it sound more academic and have a better and smoother flow.

13. Emma Angeline

This video by Emma Angeline is oriented towards writing essays at a university level. Her experience in the Comparative Literature program helps her provide insights on writing better essays. She breaks down the essay writing process in six stages and she explains each stage in this insightful video.

14. Alexa Donne

Alexa Donne is a published author on the Young Adult genre. In her video, she shares five ways that you can improve your writing whether you are only a beginner or are already an advanced level writer. Her expertise is on fiction writing but most of her tips are still applicable for all types of writing.

15. Helpful DIY

Last in this list is a video by Helpful DIY, and it’s perfect for people who are in a rush to finish their essays. This video is very short (less than three minutes) but it contains the essentials of writing a good essay. This video focuses on having a structured process, and it’s useful for those who just want a quick resource on essay writing tips.

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